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We recommend these hatcheries for backyard and small producers of meat chickens.
* If you are looking for an alternative to the straight cornish (white birds) below you will find some other birds we recommend for better foraging.

Clearview Hatchery
(717) 365-3234 Gratz, PA
We purchased Kosher King chicks from Clearview. They did well on our grass with LTF chick starter/grower feed.
Kosher Kings are black & white birds.

Moyers Hatchery
(215) 536-3155
A customer of LTF recommended the K-22 (red & white) for pasture raised meat birds.

Reich Hatchery
(717) 426-3411
Bard Silver would be a good choice for the backyard grower.

Processing Your Birds

Have you ever considered processing your own birds? We built and used the whiz bang chicken plucker for processing our birds. (picture attached) Instructions for building the chicken plucker are at

Processors for Beef, Lamb and Pork

Malafy's Meat Processing, LLC
(845) 876-6306
Red Hook, NY

Meiller's Slaughter House Inc.
(518) 398-7711
Pine Plains, NY

Organic Seed & Bulk Feed

Lakeview Organic Grain
(315) 531-1038
Penn Yan, NY